Best UK security system for HA?

Hi All,

My house insurance offers a discount if I have a professionally installed security system. However if I am going to have motion sensors dotted throughout the house then I want to be able to read from them for automations.
I was wondering if anyone knew of any systems available in the UK that fitted with these criteria

  • Can be professionally installed (to satisfy insurers)
  • Can connect to Home Assistant (ideally locally, not cloud polling)
  • Report motion sensor and door sensors to Home Assistant (even when not armed)

Many thanks in advance

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Check out

I work for an nsi approved security company in the UK. We use Hkc and connect it to ha via an esp32.
I am also working with them on an ip link without the need for the esp32 etc

The konnected can’t do rf or eol etc
My own system has a mix of rf, eol and addressable detectors

Will the insurance discount cover the cost of installation?

For do-it-yourself Hue motion sensors are excellent and meet your second two criteria. They also report temperature and light levels to HA. Hue don’t do door sensors, though.

any chance you can elaborate on this further?
Looking for an alarm system that integrates with home assistant however the only ones I’ve seen are wirelessly connected to a hub which I’m trying to avoid.
I saw paradox alarm system can be used in conjunction with Home assistant however they seemed to have closed up shop.

Do you mean me?