Best under cabinet lighting

Does anyone have recommendations for best under cabinet lighting for the kitchen?

Best is probably going to be subjective. What are you looking for? Warm white, cool white, RGB, RGBWW, RGBCW?

Preferably RGBW, but anything with warm and cool light should be fine.
Also a pre-built solution would be great as I m short on time.

As long as you have access to wiring/plug you have a few options

Im running a cheap LED strip with a smart plug. Works great.
I attached it to the inside lip under the doors pointing at the back wall. There is about a 1" tall lip.
No need to spend a fortune or get too complicated.

Why RGBW? Isn’t cct enough?

Selected led option will influence affect driver type.

If I recall correctly, IKEA has a bunch of those in different lengths and styles. Most if not all of those can be driven by a Tradfri LED driver - they have either 10W and 30W Tradfri drivers, so you just have to do some math.

I had a look at the Ikea solutions, but they have rather bad customer reviews, even on their own website (the larger LED panels even seem to bend and the smaller strips are too dim).

With all those hundreds of LED strips out there, one would have thunk that the kitchen lighting problem has been sufficiently solved (bright, RGBW, prebuild, HA integration).