Best up-to-date Dashboard on Tablet?


New potential user here. Planning to migrate from Homeseer.

What is a good choice for the Android Dashboard app now?

Features like auto start, full screen, lock the user into the app, not allowing to exit and mess with Android, using proximity sensor for screen brightness, HA being able to check if alive, if not to restart the app…

I’ve seen many suggestions reading the forum, but most of it quite old posts. What would be a go-to app at this moment and would it require to have a rooted Android device?

How do you approach this in HA? Thank you for your suggestions.


I also came from HomeSeer years ago. I’m using Fully Kiosk Browser app on Samsung Galaxy A8 tablets.

Thank you for your reply.

Yes, many people seem to use Fully Kiosk.

How is with persistant connection to HA. Does any side check the connection periodicaly and restart the app when not respinding?


The connection to Home Assistant is very stable and responsive. I don’t think I have ever had the app crash. I did purchase the Pro/Plus whatever it is called license for each tablet.

The only “problems” are of my own doing. When I update one of the dashboards within Home Assistant the Fully Kiosk Browser will show the users “Click here to refresh the dashboard”. I get it. At that point the dashboard is essentially frozen. To get around this I have an automation that sends the restart command to Fully Kiosk Browser to refresh itself. I use that same automation to run 2 minutes after Home Assistant has been restarted just to keep things nice and clean.

Anyway, welcome to Home Assistant!

Also came from Homeseer. Can understand your search for something more stable than HSTouch and its constant disconnects… :roll_eyes: This was the main reason for me switching.

You are at the right place, HA dashboards are very stable/responsive and FKB adds an additional feature set/more control over your tablets.

Possibilities are endless and support is great. But get ready for a steep learning curve and bottomless rabbit hole…

Welcome to HA :partying_face:

Thank you very much.

I’ve been playing with HA for a couple of days and yet I’ve been able to find equal or better alternatives for almost any feature I used in HS.

The only thing I need to figure out is how to build good dashboards. As you know in HS Touch Designer you can access every screen pixel.

In HS I have created a good overview of all rooms with really small icons. Don’t know yet how will I do here in HA.


I’m sure I will find a way somehow.


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My recommendation would be to explore options before you start investing in a final version as you could spend a lot of time redoing things afterwards.

The “every screen pixel” format can be reproduced by using “picture elements card”

But here I decided to use “layout-card” instead as it’s very flexible and allows to have responsive dashboards on tablets/cell phone + portrait/landscape modes without the use of multiple versions, which I really want to avoid.

Maybe I’ll add “floorplan” subviews in a second phase but not for my main dashboards as it doesn’t integrate well on cell phones.

Have fun.

Yes of course. That’s the intention. I have a running system with crucial elements such as hot water, and main heating, virtual thermostats, power management. When I get all HS routines working in HA I will switch starting with priority tasks. It won’t be happening before the heating season is over. I’m guessing around May 2024.

I have over 100 MQTT devices and tons of events that need to be migrated.


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Same here, I run HS and HA in parallel until all devices/scripts/events are migrated.
(Mosquitto runs on my windows host for HS and on a VirtualBox for HA)
Slowly moving forward while learning how to build a great dashboard :grinning:
About half way done. Should be completed by Christmas hopefully :crossed_fingers:

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That’s exactly how I plan to move on. All my servers are VirtualBox VM, including Homeseer (Windows 10). With the use of VM snapshots, I have the guts to try some things, that normally would never dare to :slight_smile:

Thx for your input.