Best use of the binary_sensor.xxxxx_high_accuracy_mode?

Which is the meaning and the best use of the binary_sensor.xxxxx_high_accuracy_mode in the mobile app for android?

the sole purpose of this sensor is to reflect the state of high accuracy mode so it can be used in automations. Say for example you have high accuracy mode configured to automate based on zone or connected BT device. When it turns on and off with this automation it updates HA so you can decide if you need to turn on/off the service manually.

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High accuracy mode is a function of the phone. This just enables or disables that phone “mode” of level of accuracy.

in this case not the phone, but a feature of the android app

its a binary sensor so it only reflects the state of the above link, to turn it on and off you can use the automations or do it manually as mentioned in the above link

So this is a duplicate of the native android “high accuracy mode”? I thought it controlled that native android function.

To be clear, my Note8 has high accuracy location mode without the HA app installed.

No, this is a feature of the home assistant android app. It is not a duplicate of the android feature, the feature you are thinking about is a global location control about the accuracy of GPS. This feature is more about the location request that the app makes and the frequency of that request. Completely different. You should read the link above, it goes into detail about how it works :wink:

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