Best vacuum + mop integration

Looking to buy a vacuum + mop combo. I realize Roomba and Roborock are the most talked about ones, but looking for real world experiences specifically with home assistant.

Currently I’ve got a R6 roomba which barely gets the job done. I’ve got an automation to tell it to return to the dock at 50% battery and it makes it back about 20% of the time.

Last but not least, I realize the whole good/cheap is always going to cause problems. But I’m looking to get a budget model since it’l be my first one. I could spend hours reading Amazon reviews but I love home assistant and want to get whichever one has the best integration and I’m guessing this is the best place to find out!


I have roborock s8. Great great!! Have created a automation to clean every day with specific mop vacuum modes. Based when we left the house for at least 15min.

The integrations are great. Well maintained.

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+1 on roborock with latest integration

I use this integration:

More supported then core integration.

FYI: the author of custom integration is moving into home assistant core one by one, hopefully one day, they will be on par

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Great. Good to see the integration will adopted by HA

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