Best wall switch for ceiling fan/light

I’m looking for advice for the best/easiest “smart” wall switch to replace “dumb” combination ceiling fan controller and light dimmer. I am not wishing to replace the ceiling fan itself, just the switch. I am in the US, so that would be for 120V/60Hz AC. My preference would be for local control over a cloud connection but I do have pretty reliable high-speed Internet.

I have a different ceiling fan that I’m contemplating changing as well but instead of a combination fan/light switch, I have two separate Z-Wave switches that are connected to a Hubitat unit that is now linked to my HAOS controller. This is not as high on my list but I’m thinking my WiFi system may be better than Z-wave and running through another controller.

If you don’t mind Tuya products, Treatlife makes a WiFi ceiling fan/light switch that is not bad. You can integrate it using either the Tuya integration or through localTuya.

I think Moes also has a fan/light combo Zigbee switch? Not 100% sure on that though.