Best way deal with a pull light

Funny thing. I have my whole basement setup with z-wave switches and can turn them all on and off with Alexa. I saw a light still on after telling her to turn everything off and thought it was a light over my sink in the basement. Told her to turn it off again. Nothing. Went down and it was a bulb in a socket on the ceiling with a pull on/off switch. Any good way to deal with this beyond putting in a z-wave bulb and finding a way to keep people from controlling the light manually since if they pull the rope it won’t respond anymore?

Hide the string and put in a Zwave bulb. I always like the simple approach.

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There isn’t much in the way of Z-Wave white light bulbs is there?

Sorry I don’t understand why not just deal with it the same way as you deal with any switch ?
Fit a z wave switch with the pull cord one as an input ???

Can’t quite picture that, but are you suggesting using a Z-Wave switch to control the light and somehow have the pull cord still be part of it? I would think once the pull code turns off the light the switch won’t work anymore but perhaps that’s based on how it’s wired. Unfortunately where the bulb is there is nothing but concrete walls so would have to run a considerable amount of wire to get to the nearest switch where there is drywall and stuff run, but maybe that’s possible. Have to see what circuit it’s on and where the conduit runs.
My whole house is conduit end to end.

Still not getting it.
A z wave switch is abut 43mm * 40mm * 20mm you can either put it in the back box or the rose.
If you don’t have a neutral in your back box it will have to go in the rose, unless you get a two wire device. (ie any existing wiring you have, but conduit should be easy to pull a neutral)
The pull cord then is rewired to the z wave switch to act as an input.
These are all over my house.
Never bought a z wave bulb in my life.

And when the bulb goes, 15,000 hrs is often quoted for z wave bulbs (20,000 to 50,000 for dumb bulbs) just screw in a new one.

And hey, when HA goes DOWN, you can still switch the bulb

I’m having a massive family argument going on right now about this thing. Do a fibaro switch or a bulb or a wall switch. Here’s a scenario:

Plug in a z-wave bulb
Pull the pull chain so the light is “on”
Go into HA and turn off the bulb
If I pull the chain again it turns off the power
If I pull the chain again it turns on the power but would assume the bulb returns to last state of off?
If my Home Automation system is offline can this light be turned on again with the smart bulb?

Hmm, ok. Then I would either replace the holder and use a switch. Or just cut the chain after turning it on.

I thought this was brilliant but thinking the nano or whatever isn’t going to fit into the housing of the light bulb.

No, the bulb will be turned on when it gets powered up. That’s how a smart bulb state is overridden - if you want it on but can’t turn it on from the smart controller then you turn off the power to the bulb and turn the power back on and the bulb will be turned on.

Thanks, so does this mean pull the chain to break the connection and pull it again to turn it on again and it would turn on?

it should.

I have 2 zwave bulbs and 4 zigbee bulbs and they all work that way.