Best way for a single LED Strip for HA?


I am currently looking for the best way to integrate an LED Stripe into HA.

the LED stripe should work with effects. (train/ run // flash)


You need three things:

An LED strip.
A controller.
A power supply.

You need an addressable LED strip. Not an RGB LED strip if you want those sort of effects.

Get 5V LED strips. 12V strips just waste power in resistors. Unless you are happy using LED strips that only address groups of three LEDs in a row. Then 12V makes sense. I’ve had those sort of strips (ws2811) they’re a bit shit unless you are intending on making very long runs (30m +).

A common 5V addressable LED strip is the ws2812b. It is available in many LED densities from 30 LEDs per meter to over 100 LEDs per meter. The more LEDs per meter the more power required and the more expensive the strip and power supply will be. You can use a rough estimate of 0.3W per LED.

For 5m or less use the higher densities. For longer than 5M use lower density, you will still have to inject power roughly every 5m though. Otherwise the voltage drop along the strip starts doing funny things to the colours.

The only controller to use with Home Assistant is WLED. You can DIY this by flashing your own ESP board or you can buy them pre built and flashed: Pre-Assembled QuinLED-Dig-Uno - or a 4 strip version: Pre-Assembled QuinLED-Dig-Quad -

There’s a lot more to consider, like waterproofing if used outdoors, and heat sinking to prolong the life of the LEDs (never run them on the reel for long). Have a read of this: What Digital 5v/12v/24v RGB(W) LED Strip to buy -

Power supplies are available on Aliexpress.

Here’s a snapshot of the last order I made for my Hyperion (AmbiLED) setup behind my TV that ended up being about 4m long:

5m of 60 LEDs per meter

5V 100W power supply

4m x 60 LEDs/m =240 LEDs @ 0.3W per LED = 72W. The 100W supply is well rated for this.

Another LED project of mine:


wow…Thank you <3

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sorry to necro this …

this is very comprehensive, but is there something like this in a “consumer” package? So I don’t have an ESP board and bare PSU hanging on my wall?