Best way to add Z-Wave to


I run home assistant on a raspberry pi 3+ using
I am buying a z-wave yale lock and wish to add z-wave support to home assistant.
I read somewhere that if I reboot the pi / it causes a lot of issues for secure z-wave, is this true?

I do have spare raspberry pi doing nothing that i could use as a “z-wave hub” of sorts. Is this the preferred method, to put the z-wave usb stick into a separate raspberry pi? I would be using an aotec gen5 usb stick (because this is available locally for the different NZ/AUS z-wave frequency).

If I go with a seperate rasperry pi, what is the recommend software to use, should i install a 2nd copy of or is the something i could install into a docker (I don’t know how to use dockers yet, but I’m sure I could figure it out).

PS: I also intend to try and ditch my xiaomi gateway (devices sometimes go offline), I have purchased some cc2531 to go with zigbee2mqtt.