Best way to build a custom remote TTS device?

I’ve been using Alexa as TTS device for quite some time but recently abandoned it for reasons of privacy conerncs. I am looking for an easy to use DIY solution. I am running homeassistant on a pi3 and the tts device shall be located in another room. I am thinking about a pi zero w running some sort of DLNA server and using espeak. Has anybody a software recommendation or maybe a ready to run solution?

I would recommend using Mycroft A.I.

For use with your RPi3 it could be as easy as, flashing the latest “picroft” image to SD, hook up some speakers (and Microphone if you also want to use speak input) set it all up and then use the Mycroft integration within Home Assistant to make use of it’s TTS capabilities.

Dr Zzs vlogged about it;