Best way to clean up an installation?

Hi guys .
My home assistant installation is quite old , almost 6 years.
During that time I made a lot of try and mistakes and I would like to have a cleaner installation.
What is the best method you can suggest? I would like to leave my current installation live and make the new one in parallel so I will always have a reference.
Any idea?

Thank you

Good idea.

Where do you plan to put your new install, new hardware or same as the old one?

I have 3 idea.

  1. use another hardware . setup a new installation with a different port and then backup it and translate on the old hardware
  2. use the same hardware . making 2 partition 1 for the old from a backup and one for the new one wiht a different port. I have doubt regarding the functionality ofusb devices
  3. to buy another hardware, the same of the actual home assitant installation ( MINIS FORUM GK41 ) and build the new one there while using the old one. I always can use the new one ( 120 euros ) as backup or a mini PC for my son

The 3th seems the easier

I am in the same situation than you, and have purchased and old Lenovo thinkcentre.
I installed haos there, instead of my actual config (supervised).

First i was gonna restore a backup, but my HA is pretty old, like from 2017-18; 6 years like yours.

Now i have decided to start from scratch, copying my automations, helpers and all that. I will have the old system running and checking everything, but stuff like z2mqtt or esphome cant be functioning in both systems.

I guess that starting in a morning will have finished all by the evening.

Thank you for you, following your imput I will plan the transition during a long weekend. Maybe spending 150 forn extra hardware isn’t bad considering the time saved and the difficult working on a double partition.