Best way to clone entire HA system to new SSD

I currently have my HA running on a HP ultra small form factor PC running in docker on Ubuntu Server. I am currently using a 250GB SSD which I would like to use for a different project. I have a 128 GB Samsung SSD which will be perfect so I tried to clone the entire drive using Clonezilla.

First I used Gparted live to reduce the partition size of the bigger drive to around 115GB then I booted from the Clonezilla live USB drive and performed the clone. Everything appeared to work OK but the new drive would not boot. I also tried Macrium Reflect from a rescue USB and again everything looked OK but I still couldn’t boot off the new drive.

Anyone have any other solutions for performing this task? I know I can do a clean install of Ubuntu Server then install HA & Docker and import a backup but I figured cloning would be the best option.

Do a full backup using system backup. Install ha on new drive. Copy the backup file to the new drve backup folder and restore.

I assume you mean making a full snapshot ?

I may try that but I wanted to understand why cloning didn’t work


Yes. I recently changed os and used a snapshot restore. Simple and quick.

I ended doing a fresh installation of Ubuntu Server on the new smaller SSD then restoring a full snapshot that I made yesterday. Only issue was I had to uninstall then reinstall MariaDB which I already knew might be an issue.

Apart from having to remove the batteries from a couple of SmartThings sensors all was good and everything is back on line.

Tomorrows project is install the other SSD into my Hackintosh. I guess one good thing about staying indoors right now is I get to take care of all the projects I have been wanting to do lol

i used balenaEtcher to clone a ssd 126GB to SSD 2TB. took 20min

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Did you get balenaEtcher to run through windows or linux to clone the drive?

i cant remember but i think it was on windows 10

ill give it a try. Thanks

Balena Etcher from windows worked fine. Thanks