Best way to configure remote/switch with WiFi lights?

I have couple of WiFi bulbs (Yeelight and AiLight).
The Yeelight is autodiscoverd and the AiLight is configured with MQTT.

I hope someone could help me out here. I would like to buy a remote/switch that turns off the light but I don’t wan’t to turn it off buy “turn off the power to the bulb”. I just want to turn off the bulb.

So I wonder what would be the best way to do to have a remote/switch to turn on/off these bulbs.

My thoughts, that might be wrong. If using a Z-Wave remote/switch I think that it would look like in Hass that the remote/switch is on but the bulb is off (turned off from Hass) so it will not be in Sync. Is there any way to do if the bulb is turned on from Hass that it will put the remote/switch also in off, and if any of them is turned on that it change the status on the other one? I tried to do some automation in Vera, but then I got a loop, it turned on and then off like a x-mas tree :slight_smile: