Best way to configure WiFi Tuya sensors?


I’m VERY confuse about how to do.

I bought many WiFi Tuya sensors because Matter compliant (?)
That work fine with Tuya integration +1
I discovered that all my sensors send all data to Tuya Cloud (?)
So, if I lost internet, my home stop to work !

I would like that my sensors send data only to my Home Assistant.

So, I have to install Matter Server Addon ?
Then, to add my sensors, no QR code … how to have
_ a Matter association code from Tuya ? (not on sensor)
_ a configuration code from Tuya ?


So I have to buy a Zigbee/Matter hub ?
But the problem is the same ? (all data go to Tuya Cloud ?)
And one more device will consume power …


So I have to install Zigbee on my Home Assistant ?
What addon I have to install ?
Because deCONZ need a Zigbee interface !
I don’t need a Zigbee interface because all my sensors are WiFi !

Do they really show the Matter logo ?

I’m not familiar with Tuya supporting Wi-Fi and Matter.

Tuya has heaps of Wi-Fi and Zigbee stuff.

To answer some of the question, Yes with an internet outage the Tuya - HA integration will stop working as will any other integration that depends on cloud integration.

I you want to move away from that internet dependency Cloud Cutter may be worth investigating but not all devices maybe supported / possible to convert.

The other alternative is to move to Zigbee this is to ZHA there is also Zigbee2MQTT this will require a coordinator attached to Home Assistant, not a vendor hub as it may also require internet connectivity to work properly in some cases.

Is the main concern your internet stability or the privacy concern with the IoT ?

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There’s a few local Tuya integrations, which I believe still need some cloud access but after that’s established they’re local. I’m using this one, which is pretty straightforward - the only complication being that you need static IP addresses for each device (it has an auto mode but that’s never worked for me). I initially switched over because devices in the official Tuya integration kept going unavailable.

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No :frowning:
I thought that all Zigbee would be compliant …

Thank’s to confirm :slight_smile:

I scare that if I do something wrong, I will lost a sensor

I think you’r right.
I was on way to buy a ConBee 3 to try it.

_ Internet depend (connection / cloud)
_ Security (I’m not a target, but prefer to try best practices :slight_smile: )

It’s exactly what I’m looking for ! :+1:
I will try one by one all my sensors :slight_smile:
That need only static IPv4 ? (I already manage my DHCP MAC/IPs)
I thought that sensors would use only IPv6, and I don’t know how to find them IPv6 :frowning:
I will back here to tell you my migration :wink:

How to obtain my Client ID ?
I must to create a new account on Tuya Developer portal !?
Because my SmartLife account is no recognized in Tuya Developer portal …

I think the documentation shows one way of getting the info. However, I actually have another tuya local addon installed too - I don’t use it because it seems unnecessarily complex, but you can pretend to add a device and it will tell you all the details needed for the first addon.

No, sadly, documentation is wrong (maybe not up to date)
Have to go to dev website, create a project, but the login is different (not same account), so, not same ID

TuyaLocal is what I try to use.
Because you said “I’m using this one”
That why I asked you how to have Client ID to configure it …

They are different links to different integrations that both do tuya local. The first one is simpler and requires you to enter the client id, whereas the second one is more complex but shows you the client id. Therefore you can pretend to set up a device in the second, and just copy the details for the first.

The first link is called tuya-local whereas the second one is called localtuya - I think there’s at least one other tuya local integration called something similar.

Sorry, I didn’t take care :smiling_face:
_ tuya-local is already integrated inside Home Assistant, but need an USB dongle
_ localtuya is a HACS add-on

Localtuya have 2 ways :
_ Need Tuya User ID to have an easy to use integration (but impossible to find User ID :frowning:)
_ Need Tuya localKey (but impossible to find localKey :frowning:)

Then, Localtuya seem impossible to use now.

“If you still cannot get the localKey of your device according to the manual, this is because we have temporarily stopped providing the localKey for personal use in order to maintain the security of such devices (the leaked localKey will make it easy for hackers to hack into it. And it will cause great loss to your privacy and security), thank you for your understanding and support.”

Source :

So … Maybe I must to buy an USB dongle (ConBee 3) …

I received my ConBee 3
I updated it to the latest version.
HA found it.
ZHA can’t find my sensor … (temperature/humidity)
Same with a water level sensor …

So :
_ localtuya can’t work (in both way)
_ tuya-local can’t work
No way to use Tuya sensors without cloud :sleepy:

What about deCONZ ?
Must to be installed ?
It seems that if installed, that disturb tuya-local.
(unable to share ConBee 3)

Are these Wifi sensors or Zigbee sensors ?

Both, Zigbee using WiFi
As I said :

When I bought my sensors, I had choice BT or WiFi
I chosen WiFi to have a good range (I have WiFi repeater)
And because I thought that would be more compliant with Home Assistant

Examples of my sensors :
This one work very well
This one is very complet
This one consume too much
This one is very bad
I’m trying this one (it no seems have ipv4 !)

last one is wifi, so ZHA or Deconz are useless.
Second and third last one, depends whether you bought the Wifi version or Zigbee version, but if Wifi version ZHA or Deconz are useless.

Why can’t localtuya work? I use it. It’s not hard. you do need to know how to follow instructions explicitly. but it’s relatively easy. especially if you use the cloud account to provision it (it won’t use the cloud to operate, it’ll just use it to grab the local key for you.

Wow … so WiFi is never Zigbee !? (but they also have BT to initialize …)
So, what are they ? (and how to use them in HA without cloud !)

As I said :

neither are impossible to find. as I said, you just have to be good at following instructions.

I literally just set a new device up yesterday. so I know it’s not impossible.

@Goood please do a little research and reading before asking in this forum and before continuing. Suggest start by reading ZHA introduction then do the same for Matter and Thread integration (+ maybe read the matching articles on Wikipedia as they have good summerizes too howver more generic):

Zigbee has nothing to do with WiFi, and Matter devices do not use Zigbee wireless protocol. If a device says WiFi then it will never use Zigbee. If a device says Zigbee then it will never use WiFi.

If they have the ”Matter” logo then they can either use ”Thread” (but then they will as well have the ”Thread” logo too) or they can use WiFi and Ethernet. Matter devices will alaways have at least the Matter logo.

Thread is kind like a low-power wireless mesh network that uses IPv6. So kind of like a WiFi network for battery powered devices, but it needs its own Thread router(s) that are dedicated for each Thread network.

Regardless, Matter is never Zigbee either. Matter is a connectivity standard that relies on other transport medium that support IPv6 and not a physical medium or radio protocol. So it can today use Thread, WiFi or Ethernet. Matter devices that use Thread also always use Bluetooth for initial commisioning however stops using Bluetooth once commisioning is done.

Recommend stay away from Matter devices for now as they are not mature. Instead recommend install the ZHA integration and only buy Zigbee devices for now as that technology is mature.


Also check out community guides about Zigbee and more linked in this cookbook collection: