Best way to get M3U to work?

So I have a pair of KEF LSX2 speakers, that can take for example internet streams like radio without any problems. And if I for example use Spotify for music I get great graphic of the album that is playing and all that.

However, if I thru the “Media Browser” selects a internet radio station like Swedish Radio P4 Stockholm:

Now, I have found no way to include this stream into Home Assistant. However I know from other media players in my house, like my Argon radio, that there is much more information on that stream than the only “Sveriges Radio” that is presented in the media player in love lace. It is a lot more.

However I find no way to get hold of that information or graphics.

So does anyone now any way to get a full integration of internet radio stations that can “unpack” and “present” not only a internet audio stream, but also track, icon, graphic, which artist and all that? It is out there somewhere since I can get it on other boxes - just not thru “Media Browser” which seems a) limited and b) not editable (I can not extend/add internet streams to that selection which makes Media Browser very limited).

Are you using radio browser? It appears to be on there, not tries it though.

Yes, Media Browser (Mediabläddrare as it is called in Swedish) and then Radio Browser.

Yes channel exists, but that is not what I request, it is to get hold of the extra information that I know is in the stream like track and artist and so of - however there seem to be no way to extract that information within Radio Browser / Media Browser.

You want to scrape the extra information about what is playing?
What about scraping Sveriges radio by using their API:

This should work well together with the Home Assistant Scrape addon.

Det finns säkert andra websidor som redan skrapar Sveriges radio. Om så, så kan du skriva en function för att hämta statisk data istället för dynamisk.