Best way to handle custom scripts

Hi Guys,

What’s the best way to handle custom scripts?

I prefer text editors for this. But I’m not enjoying the WebUI experience as it converts advanced code to flat lines with “\n”. It even does it when I touch a different script in WebUI.

Just curious how people handle this…


I don’t use the webUI for any scripts or automations.

I use VSCode with the Home Assistant Config Helper extension.

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Arn’t you running the risk of it reformatting on you, for example if you hit the scripts or automation from floating around the UI or experimenting?

Nope. I never go near the UI for those things. If worst came to worst and some guest did do that I could recover the files from my nightly snapshots.

So I cannot seem to hide automations or scripts with hide_entity. But I can appear to use “automation old:” which I understand is legacy.

What is happening with this, is it/will it get superseded? Is it ok to use for custom code?


The following is a direct quote from the release notes for 0.107

Automation - The hide_entity configuration option on an automation was deprecated in Home Assistant 0.105 and is removed in this release. It was used for the old states UI, which is no longer available, making this option obsolete. Please ensure your configuration is not using this option. - (@frenck - #32038) (automation docs)