Best way to integrate Reolink cameras with Home Assistant and include them in a HA based alarm system

Caveats: I have no idea what I am doing so half of what I say below might have serious holes in it or be incomplete. Anyway, here goes…

I have several bullet style Reolink cameras (RLC-811A) a couple of Reolink 180 degree camera and floodlight combos and a Reolink NVR (RLN16-410-4TB). I am trying to find the best way to integrate the cameras for my goals. I would love to do detection in the camera but it seems like from what I’ve read that Reolink doesn’t support that too well. My Home Assistant currently runs on a Synology NAS in a virtual machine.

My desire is to turn the Reolink cameras into sensors for my home alarm, specifically with their person detection capability but partially with pet and other motion activation from within the camera. I would like for the cameras to act as an early warning system that puts the alarm into heightened state or if the alarm system is armed that I would get notified that someone is on my property, then if any of the building sensors get triggered a series of more urgent things would happen. Is it still true that Reolink can’t just send person detection for only a defined area? If so, should I install something like Blue Iris as my NVR? Would that allow me to achieve my goals above?

Not sure if it matters but I also have a Ring Alarm system installed that I might want to leverage sensors and its police notification capabilities for but mostly I want the notifications to come to me and my family via my phone which is already connected to Home Assistant.

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