Best way to interface an integration for a video matrix?


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I’m starting to write (or try would be more correct for now :smiley: an integration to control a Video Over IP matrix system.
Main control of that device is some switching commands like input X on output Y.
I was thinking to do the integration as a media player and create a custom service that would allow to send switch commands from HA.
What do you think about it ? do you see a better way to do it ? interface it with HA ?



Out of curiosity which system are you using?

Using a 4x4 mattix as example:

Would it show in HA as 4 seperate media players

The would you have 4 source available for each output
Source 1
Source 2
Source 3
Source 4

This would be nice and simple.
+1 if you could define that source as another media player in HA so if source 1 is Roku playing disney selecting source 1 give the nice disney Logo from the roku integration. But thats overkill

Blustream 4K Video Over IP system 4K Video over IP (JPEG2000).

Yeah thanks for the great idea and simple :+1: I’ll just need to implement something in the integration to define number of inputs/outputs as system I control is virtually unlimited (up to 256 x 256 if I remember right :smiley:

It would be nice but the matrix doesn’t know what is connected on it (both inputs and outputs) :confused: