Best way to manage many repeating interval tasks

I’m looking for some guidance here on the best way to implement this idea. Let me explain first what the problem is I am trying to solve:

I have many things in my household that need to be done at regular intervals, but cannot be automated → i.e. I the meat-machine (me) has to actually go and do the thing… but I have to remember to do it, so wouldn’t it be great to have reminders. There are calendar tools for this, but they usually work on the principle of having an interval between times when the action should be done, and not taking into account when you actually did it. So if I should have replaced the water filter last week, but only get around to it this week… the calendar is off by a week for the next filter change. I can’t easily say “I did it now, remind me again now()+interval”
Here’s some typical meat-robot tasks that need doing at regular intervals of days/weeks:

  • Change the bed sheets
  • Flush the water filter
  • Empty the ash container for the wood boiler
  • Rotate the compost
  • Clean the windows
  • Change the oven filter

The long way to solve this (that I can think of) is for each of these tasks to create a date/time input, and a corresponding number input. Then create an automation for each task (it might be possible to create one automation which scrolls over all matching tasks if I use an appropriate naming convention) to check whether the date in the date/time input is longer ago than the configured number input…
But this seems like a lot of coding and a lot of hassle every time I think of a new recurring event I want to track… is there an easier way to do this?

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There is a recent WTH on the subject of chore/task tracking with a few suggestions.

So far, what works best for me is the Grocy add-on combined with the related custom integration and card.

I’d absolutely love to see this functionality.

Currently I use Todoist and it’d be nice if could see a better integration for that so can more easily query tasks with filters and run automations based on the results.

e.g. when i enter a room, announce all todoist tasks which title start with “[roomname]” or tell me the top 3 tasks by due date with these filters etc. Only newbie with setting up home assistant though but this seems incredibly tricky to achieve with the current infrastructure, at least in a dynamic way without having do a number of steps for each individual task.