Best way to model whether a child is sleeping?

I would like to add to HA:

  • I let it know when my kid goes to sleep
  • When there is audio detected in the room, send me a notification that he’s awake and set him as awake
  • When there is video motion detected in the room, send a notification that he’s escaped and set him as awake

Could anyone suggest the best way to let me indicate he’s asleep and then to have these automations that set him as awake change that flag so that only one is possible?

Thank you very much!

Looking further, it appears that an input boolean would handle this.

The bayes sensor could be helpful if you’re using multiple inputs and would like to distill them down to a yes or no situation.

I am using an input boolean that is triggered on by the state of a white noise machine, and off by other events, such as the door opening or the light being turned on. The logic used will vary greatly with the age and capabilities of the child.