Best way to remote control my garage

Hey folks!
I was wondering what’s the best way to open my garage door, when I come home (on my bicycle). Ideally The door is pretty slow so ideally I want to be able to trigger opening it about 100m/300ft away.
Bluetooth buttons have a very limited range, even if I would place a proxy (like esp32) outside I guess that wouldn’t be enough. Is there any cheap rf-based solution (similar to traditional garage openers) that is easy to integrate and not too bulky?

Any ideas welcome!

If your WiFi signal reaches that far, use an ESP8266 with relay to emulate pressing the door open/close button. ESPHome makes this quite easy.


Low cost trial might with something like this… I have a similar 433Mhz button for a USB power switch, however I’ve not done any distance testing…

433MHz Wireless SOS Button Panic button Wireless button program for doorbell funtion for Our home burglar alarm system
From description:
‘Transmission distance: 120-150M (open area, the sensitivity of the receiving device is minus 100dbm)’

Spendy route would be some type of LoRa or LoRaWan button:

Good hunting!

Uhh, the panic button is a pretty nice idea, will try that. Thanks!