Best way to restrict possible settings for entity

I’ve just got my air conditioner added to home assistant.

It’s a ducted unit, so it has only two fan speeds and no “vane” either. However the integration I’m using (Mitsubishi2MQTT) shows it as having 6+ fan speeds, vane settings etc.

What is the best way to restrict it so the unavailable settings are not shown? I had a look and unfortunately the integration itself appears to have no way to do this, are there any workarounds I can use?

If matters, I’m using the simple-thermostat card GitHub - nervetattoo/simple-thermostat: A different take on the thermostat card for Home Assistant ♨️


if the purpose of this is so that you can show a card that only has the available choices, you could do that by using a dropdown helper. you’d define the settings that are available, then wire the helper up to your actual fan entity.