Best way to run HA, HomeBridge and Kodi on a single RPi4?


What is the best way to run

  1. Home assistant
  2. Homebridge
  3. Kodi (preferably Libreelec)

on the same Raspberry Pi 4? It has plenty of power to run all of these simultaneously but I’m looking for the cleanest possible way.

Right now, I run Libreelec with Docker addon with Hass and HB in it but it’s a bit cumbersome (I’m a bit confused as to where I am now in the CLI and LibreElec shell is limited, not allowing things like apt). Also, my install of HA seems to be extremely bare-bones, no add-on store, no Configurator…

Am I correct in thinking the best way would be :

  • install Raspbian
  • install Docker in there
  • run 3 separate containers with Kodi, HB and Hass

What I’m worried about are weird conflicts in network and HDMI-CEC. All of these have myriads of possible ways to install, and for a relative noob, it can get a bit confusing.

Right now, I’m at loss:

  • I can’t install under Docker on Raspbian (I just can’t log into the UI) and people advise not to (as it’s basically a container within a container).

  • Also, Libreelec can’t be installed under Docker and I don’t think general Kodi is well optimized for Pi (things like HDMI CEC)

  • With Docker installed as a Kodi addon, I can’t install as I can’t use apt-get or other package installer.

  • can’t install OSMC (full linux stack) as it’s not ready for RPi4

Any tips?

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No one can help?

Did you get anywhere with this?

Nope. I went back to running Kodi on my Pi 3 as it’s still better optimized for it than 4 (for example, HDMI CEC on 4 doesn’t work with my Samsung tv). I run network stuff on the 4 along with HA (stuff other than HA runs in docker containers alongside HA) and Pi 3 is dedicated to Kodi. I don’t need 4k H265 files so I’m OK.

I wanted to build the set up you described in the op for my parents to use the benefits of Home Assistant and have a media client for them to watch stuff on.

As a test I’ve installed Raspian on the Pi 4, then docker and all the pre-reqs for Hassio. I’ve then install Hassio in docker and Kodi as an application. I’m waiting for some hdmi cables to arrive today to find out if Kodi works as expected.