Best way to send me an alarm anywhere?

What are you using to alert yourself, when you’re away from your home? I.e. when say a motion is detected, or your heating temperature got to low, or your plants soil too dry or whatever else you’d like to know? At home, the app will react, but what do I do when not home? Do you use emails?

For me it’s to send a notification to the mobile app:

If you don’t have remote access then email will work, some people use Telegram but I have not tried that personally.

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I use the companion app and this:

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I use a combination of mobile app (critical notifications), Pushover and Slack. The chances of all 3 failing are slim (unless internet is out at the house) and both Pushover and Slack keep a history of alerts.

Telegram is great. You can also send commands back to HA

I use the mobile app and Pushover.