Best way to setup a voice assistant to accept single word inputs to add to shopping list?

My ideal end-state is:

  • Press button
  • Say item name (e.g. beans)
  • Item is added to a Todoist shopping list
  • Voice assistant confirms action

I have setup an Atom Echo as per the tutorial. This works as a Home Assistant voice assistant meaning I can control my smart home using the default conversation agent.

I’m looking for ideas how I can make this single purpose device accept whatever is said as an item for the shopping list without negatively impacting any other use cases with other voice assistants. What I mean to say is, I don’t want to assume all wildcard inputs across all voice assistants are items for the shopping list.

My idea was to inject a custom sentence phrase before the input from this device e.g. sending through ‘add2basket beans’ to the default conversation assistant. However I don’t know how to inject this phrase in.

Any thoughts?

I’ve tried to clone the conversation core component, to have a duplicate conversation agent with a view to setting specific intents just against that agent. But I can’t seem to get it to appear as an agent when I’ve cloned it…

Any help welcome on this approach or some other way to solve it. Thanks

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