Best way to track iOS devices

So I have been using google maps location sharing and it works perfectly for all the family with android devices sync is pretty often and works in the background which then updates home assistant. But of course my mother’s iPhone also makes this part of my smart home difficult as it will just randomly not update until she opens the Google maps app. I have tried turning on all the settings background updates, allowed location in the background but nothing. Just assume it’s apple things so I am wondering what others use to get their iOS devices location phoned back to homeassistant in the background. I tried setting up a fine my device integration but it was way above me head lol any suggestions?

iOS makes it very restrictive to update the accurate location reliably, regardless of the app having all permissions.

… and maybe the only reliable way is via HomeKit - a classic Apple move.

I have a setup where I turn an Apple-branded HomeKit hub as the middle man.
First you use HA to setup a binary switch,
… and then use HomeKit integration (not the other HomeKit controller integration, which is a different one for a different purpose) in HA to make the binary switch show up, in HomeKit hub, as a light switch.
… and then setup in the Home app so that whenever this iPhone comes home, the light switch would turn on.
… and then back in HA you now can know when the iPhone is home, based on the feedback of the binary switch.
… and then use the binary switch for automation.

A lot of hoops to jump through, so not for everyone.
… plus sometime it breaks… and you will just have to reboot your HomeKit hub and/or the iPhone - another classic Apple move.

I’ve read about ownTracks working nice on iOS. Haven’t tried it myself though

ICloud3 in HACS has been great for me. The main developer is close to releasing a new major version as well that installs as an integration.

I’ll wait for that cause last time I tried doing it I just got too complicated and nothing was working right lol