Best way to turn on a stupid Monitor to show lovelace(Windows)

Hello, I’m looking for a way to get my stupid monitor connected to a mini forum PC running Windows 11 out of sleep mode to show me my dashboard and that the monitor goes off after a certain time.

Now there are many possibilities, the simplest is a WLAN adapter that turns on the power of the monitor with a motion sensor.

I have but worry that it is not so healthy in the long run to disconnect and reconnect the monitor hard.

I would like to use an Esp that sends a WOL packet to the PC with an ultrasonic sensor to wake up the monitor and send it back to standby.

I am currently stuck on how to configure this, the yaml in Esphome should be clear so far. What is the best way to program in HA? About automation??somehow I need a push.

If someone has another solution, always here with it! :slight_smile: