Best Way to Uninstall and Disable CustomUI?

Way back when I started using HA, I enabled CustomUI to enable sliders on lights. I soon realized that I was accidentally turning on lights when I didn’t mean to, so I disabled and forgot about this add-in. I’m cleaning up my configuration and I am piecing together which pieces to disable/remove since I no longer want this in my HA instance.

Any pointers on how to best uninstall and disable this code?

I think I should just delete out the files instructed to add from the installation pages and then remove the following lines from my Config, but I’d like to be certain I don’t screw something else up in the process. It’s honestly been so long since I did this that I do not remember exactly what I set up.

yes, just reverse the installation process. Backup your files prior for safety if you are concerned.

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Thanks, @jwelter - I tried to do this by removing the lines from my configuration file, but that appears to have kept CustomUI as part of my instance. Should I just delete the CUSTOMIZER folder (in custom components) and CUSTOMUI folder (in www)?

I think this is causing a MySQL issue for recorder, so I’d like to remove this from my setup.

I didn’t have that folder; but again just be cautious. Perhaps move that folder elsewhere first so you can move it back if it causes issues. Then delete…

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I did the same recently (got rid of customui). I removed all references to it in my config and deleted the /config/www/customui folder (after making a copy of it onto my laptop just in case). All quiet on the Western Front… no issues.

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Thanks. Moved both the Customizer and Custom_UI folders over to another device and rebooted. HA appears to still work. So far so good!

Spoke too soon. Still seeing references to custom UI in my logs, which is breaking my MySQL recorder to stop working after a period of time (from what I have gathered from my logs).

Any recommendations on how to find and remove?

One thing to note is that I still have the following in my configuration. Will probably test removing to see what breaks soon.

javascript_version: es5

Any update on removing custom UI - I’d like to do the same now that lovelace is default just to tidy up my configuration

An uninstall/removal script would be perfect :grinning: