Best way to upgrade from a ver 2 Pi to the ver 3 pi?


I have been running HA on a version 2 pi but have a 3 on the way and want to upgrade to that over the weekend. Some of the steps, I think I know, some not sure about,

1 I need to download a new install because there is some difference in the software between a 2 and a 3.pi.
In fact, there are 2 versions of PI 3 . How stable is the 64 beta? If it’s not stable, 32 bit is fine as I prefer reliability over anything else.

  1. At this point, I am unsure if a snapshot restore or config restore is the best way to go. Snapshot should restore everything if it is compatible. I think so, but does anyone know for sure?



Sounds like you are running Hassio. The older resinos version is not compatible with the pi3. You likely need to install the newer Hassos based version and do a restore.


That’s what I thought. Mail just arrived so making a new install now…thanks


Can’t believe it worked so easy but it did!

For anyone else that wants to upgrade from a PI2 to a 3, here is what worked for me:

Make a snapshot with your old pi2. Then copy it to your computer or nas so you can get it later.

Install PI3 version on your new pi3. As of this writing, they have both a 32bit and 64 bit. I went with 32 bit since this will be my main unit for now and 64bit is marked as beta.

Shutdown old pi2

After is ready, install samba so you can copy over your image file. Copy over image file, reboot and then when comes back online you should see the image file. I did a wipe and restore. After it finishes, shut down and insert zwave-usb in Pi3. Start and you should be back in business.

For me this worked with NO issues.


Good to hear!

Any estimate on how long the snapshot on the pi2 and restore on the pi3 took?


Not long maybe 3 min.
It took much longer to backup the default SD image the pi3 came with, than it did to do the restore.
The Pi3 is also noticeably faster on reboots so that is a big plus.