Best way to wait for zwave?

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What is the best practice if you have apps that listen to and get states from zwave entities to have those apps wait until your zwave network is up?

I know there is a method to make [all the apps wait]( ,but what if I just want certain apps or certain parts of the app to wait until the entity is available?

Maybe try: except: or including the default= option in the self.get_state() ?

I just feel like I must be missing something that works really well without stopping my whole plugin.

Well, not sure about appdaemon, do not use it. For native automations I use input_boolean flag in conditions, that is set to on when zwave network is ready to be used. Perhaps this concept can be reused:

# Input boolean definition
    name: Z-Wave Network Active
    initial: off   # set to off when HA is restarted
    icon: mdi:z-wave

# Set Z-Wave Network  flag to active when network ready
  - id: 'set_zwave_flag'
    alias: Set ZWave Flag
    initial_state: true
      platform: event
      event_type: zwave.network_ready
      - service: input_boolean.turn_on
          entity_id: input_boolean.zwave_active

# sample automation that refreshes node value, only once network is ready
  - id: 'refreshing_car_sensors'
    alias: Refreshing Car Presence Sensor
    initial_state: True
      - platform: time_pattern
        seconds: '/10'
      - condition: state
        entity_id: input_boolean.zwave_active
        state: 'on'
      - service: zwave.refresh_node_value
          node_id: 32
          value_id: "72057594579796210"
      - service: zwave.refresh_node_value
          node_id: 32
          value_id: "144115188617724146"