Best Wifi Smoke Detectors that integrate with HA

Hello. Does anyone have recommendations for Wifi Smoke Dectectors (ideally with no need for a base station) that integrate well with HA?

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I use the First Alert Z-Wave detectors and have been happy with them.

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Z-Wave might be a bridge too far for me. I don’t currently have any Z-Wave infrastructure.

Does anyone use WIFI smoke detectors that integrate well with HA?

Sorry about that, I missed that you wanted something wifi!

I have a Google Nest Protect that works with Wifi. Works fine, but expensive.

What country are you in?

I am in USA

Cheap Tuya Zigbee ones working fine in ZHA for me.

Not sure if you have an equivalent in the US but here in Australia we have relay bases that fit to a standard hard-wired smoke detector to provide an auxiliary contact. That can then be wired into a smart device like a Shelly or whatever. The benefit here is that the hard-wired smoke detectors are interconnected so you only need one relay base to monitor all of them, plus the smoke detectors are fully compliant with our regulations. (ie: all houses must have at least two of them)

The down side is that the relay bases are expensive and not usually in stock because no one really uses them except automation nerds or fully monitored alarm systems.

This is an example, in Aussie dollars.

I also have Google Nest Protect. They are expensive, but they really do last for 10 years and if you have more than one they communicate with one another wirelessly.

Something worth thinking about, though, is why you want integrated smoke detectors in the first place. In the Nest integration, there are about a dozen sensors, but none of them ever change - so much so that you wonder whether they actually do anything at all. There is no way of testing them, short of blowing smoke about. In the event of a real fire, it’s the siren that counts.

I have Nest Protects as well (got them long before using HA). While I don’t have any specific issues, I wouldn’t probably get them again. The integration with HA is all cloud-based and very iffy/hasn’t really been updated or maintained well: all of the sensors stop updating if HA loses Internet connectivity and stay at their last value. Been this way since the beginning and never fixed.

If you actually want something integrated with HA, there HAS to be a better option.

Fry some bacon. That sets ours off every time.
All I would want with an integrated smoke detector is the ability to silence it.

The cool thing with the relay base I linked above is that it also has a remote mute function. It is still a bit of a DIY solution, but they are hard-wired for safety and have a battery backup. Not sure about US laws but in Aus we have to have at least 2 hard-wired smokies in a single story house.