Best wind sensor for home assistant

What is the best solution to buy?

I have zwave, zigbee and RFXcom installed. Power supply would be possible.

This is what I need:

  • mean wind value
  • gust speed value
  • updates every minute or less
  • ultrasonic preferred

I have one of these, love it. Connects with WIFI. Solar powered. There is a local MQTT based custom integration and a cloud based custom integration available.

Unfortunately this is not available in Europe.

Wittboy from ecowitt.
Can Share a Bit more later

as promised here is a bit info for my new Wittboy.
Its available globally and I looked really long for a PWS with so much capabilities.
There is direct Homeassistant Integration … and you have the data flowing in seconds :smiley:

The set consists of an:

  • Outdoor sensor array with Wind, Temp, Rain, Humidity etc … Powered by a solarpanel and super condensator

  • a base station that can receive many many sensors

  • you can add lightning detections, leak sensors, additional indoor and outdoor temp and humidity sensor, soil moisture and many more

  • the integrated webserver from the base station can directly expose the data to HA in the LAN and additionally upload the data to a selection of cloud services (free and optionally)

Thats how it looks when I unboxed it:

That the integration in Home Assistant: (the screenshot still shows my windsensor from before I got the Wittboy)


Hi Sebastan,

Are you still happy with your weather station ?

Maybe I will buy it, so…

Thanks !

yes I think its really really good
I added also their sensors for more indoor temp and humidity, soil moisture, leak detection

all works like a charm and is functional with the official home assistant integration

Nice !

Did you buy it directly on the ecowitt website ? I live in Belgium (Europe).

I think I will start with this : ecowitt WittBoy new 7-in-1 weather station – Ecowitt

I probably don’t need a screen, I will use my kiosk tablet I already use for home assistant. But I could buy that eventual later, yes ?

And of course also a sensor for inside : WH31 – Ecowitt

Have I thought of everything?

Does the Wittboy require the gateway? I bought one on Amazon and it came without the gateway.