Best Z-Wave Raspberry Pi 4 hassio hardware

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With my Raspberry Pi 3 I used the Razberry solution. That did work but was far from perfect. Due to the heating issue with the Pi 4 I decided to go for an USB solution instead. The Aeotec stick obviously has issues with the Pi 4 and needs an USB hub to work around that. I did play around with the “Cyrus SmartHome USB Dongle Z-Wave Plus” but I do have problems with that as well (runs into errors after some hours of operation). I do not want to go back to Pi 3 and I do want to continue with hassio. I do know that the Aeotec stick is one of the best but can anybody really recommend to use the stick with need for an USB hub? Or are there better Z-Wave solutions available? I do use encryption on my Z-Wave network.

The docs list known working Z-Wave Plus sticks.

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I have been using the UZB1 stick for the past 15 months with HASS.IO (but on a PC) and it’s been pretty much fine with ~40 devices.

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Anyone??.. Really Looking for a solution to use Aeotec Z-Wave Stick on Hassio RPi4. I love this stick on my RPi3, but I am hoping to find a workaround for the known issues on Pi4

I know this will not help with the Aeotec stick - so just to let you know, the Cyrus stick has been working really good and reliable over the last months now with Hassio and RPi4.