Best zigbee 3.0 motion sensor

I’m looking fore a good motion sensor. Does any have good experience with Zigbee 3.0 sensor?

  • It need to be compatible with Z2M
  • Clean design
  • As small as possible
  • Nice if it do setting for sensitivity

I like Aqara motion sensor (i have tested it) for its design and size, but it does not always register little motion (ex. if my girlfriend stand in front of the mirror laying makeup)

I have looked at Philips hue. The design is ok (i liked it to be smaller) but is does not do zigbee 3.0

Possibly change your automation to use Aqara.occupancy instead of Aqara.motion?

There are other aspects to consider when choosing a motion sensor:

How and what is the difference? I use “node red”

Aha. I don’t use Node Red, but appreciate its GUI interface and power.
As I understand it, the Occupancy portion of the Aqara motion sensor stays TRUE longer than simply motion. It provides a more realistic evaluation of occupancy based on repeated motion, simply because while not EVERY tiny motion is sensed, MOST of the coarse motions are.

Picture attached, to illustrate the availability of “motion” versus “occupancy” values:

What’s the issue about them not doing ZigBee 3.0? They are by far the best zigbee motion sensors.

I have/had the impression that Aqura/Xiaomi zigbee devices does not comply 100% to zigbee standard - they do basic stuff per standard, so can be “seen”, but at the same time put a lot of things under the custom config umbrella, which is technically in compliance, but compatibility with non Auqra/Xiaomi hubs/devices becomes questionable. And then z2m or ZHA developers actually would have to do extra things to make those Xiaomi more compatible.

And then there’s also Chinese version hubs and International version hubs, IIRC.

That said, it was a couple of months ago, maybe last year, even. So question: is that not the case these days? Is there any improvements when it comes to zigbee implementation?

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