Best Zigbee bridge to use with HA


I have bought the tuya radiator valves. As I have never used zigbee tools, and I have found some information that best would be use device with local polling (not cloud polling) I would like to ask you, if any Zigbee bridge exists with local polling?
How can I achieve this?

I have tried with Sonoff ZBridge without success - it only sees Sonoff, it sees a valve but without any entities or values/paramteres.

I also tried to integrate via yaml Tuya bridge. Also without success :frowning:

What should I buy to do that magic properly ? On 11.11 I have ordered some other zigbee tools on Aliexpress and I am waiting on delivery. So that topic is interesting for me :slight_smile:

At first you have chosen wrong category.

Second: most of us is trying to get rid of hubs if possible. However I suspect that hubs which are specialized in controling TRVs may do this job better than TRVs connected directly to HA. It’s because of assumption these contain more advanced/complex automation routines in order to utilize your boiler in most optimal way.

Last but not least, there are several hw solutions to be connected to your HA invirder to work as zigbee network coordinators, effectively replacing zigbee hubs, but then you have to find out/program your self how to automate your heating system based on temperatures and drivibg your TRVs

@maxym Thank you for your answer, that is usefull for me :slight_smile:

But… I need to mark - my radiator valves are installed in flat. I only need to control temperature and rate/size of opened valve. (for example 10,20,70 or 100 %)

You are writing about getting rid of external hubs. And that is what I would like to achieve :slight_smile:
If that is possible ofcourse. I would like to make any automation in HA instead of Tuya/SmartLife application.

But… I don’t know where to go after the first valve was discovered by Sonoff ZBBridge. I see only device, but I don’t see any info from it, only see the RSSI level.

Should I buy any Zigbee adapter on USB and plug into my HA host machine? Would it be the best solution ?