Best Zigbee coordinators/hub and HA vm that can move from host

Hi everyone,

I’m few weeks, into my journey with HA, have a lot of fun so far! I’m curently running on a docker container but I plan to migrate my config(if everything go as planned) on the appliance.

The appliance will run on my homelab ovirt cluster(KVM) which have 3 different hosts. I got few Ikea bulb, Ikea button, Ikea hub, sonoff(flashed tasmota), Wyzecam(flashed with dafang) and just got my BE468GBAK(zigbee) Schlage door lock.

Here’s the deal, the ikea hub seems to be not so usefull when it’s time to add other devices like the door lock, am I right ?

I’m looking for the best “offline” hub(no cloud bs) that will work with most of my devices AND can run by itself. I like what I see with conbee2/raspbee2 and other zigbee usb stick but as my VM will change hosts from time to time it’s not really an option, so I’m looking for something similar to the Tradfri hub but maybe more “open”. I’m reading about Hubitat but it seems a little bit overkill for what I need, or maybe not ?

Another option I’m looking into, I have a raspberry-pi I use as a speedcam in the front of the house so is there a way to run a second HA(or anything else) on it just to handle a conbee2 or raspbee2 plugged in it but report to my main HA ? I can’t run my main HA there, the speedcam use a lot of ressources and I like the simplicity of a vm fock snapshot, backups etc…

Looking forward to hear your suggestions, I’ve read plenty of other thread and so far usb stick seems the easiest/best way to go for offline zigbee, just not in my use case with the virtualization cluster.Thanks a lot!

Tube’s ZB Coordinators and Routers (was Zigbee router on steroids?) - Configuration / Zigbee - Home Assistant Community (

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Thanks, that was quick! I like those kind of stories, custom made stuff that everyone wants and get out of stock :stuck_out_tongue:

But does I understand correctly, this device would have to pair with my Tradfri hub I don’t see any wifi support to connect it to the network, but I’m not done with reading the thread yet…