Bestjoy Univeral Remote + MQTTT Bridge Youtube Review - Home Asssitant Friendly

Joe Farrow of Geektoolkit has posted a review of using the Bestjoy “Super Remote” with the optional MQTT Bridge in his Home Theater room. Filed this away under “Potential Harmony remote replacement”. There are a couple of other reviews on YouTube as well.

Check it out if you’re interested in an automation friendly remote and don’t mind the extra technical effort to setup.

BestJoy SuperRemote Review - A Home Assistant Friendly Remote! - YouTube

I should have noted that this remote supports IR, IR learning, and Bluetooth. It has a database of devices for configuration similar to Harmony; as well as IOS and Android app support.

I can vouch for this remote. I’ve just set mine up and It is excellent.
It is a bit of a faff to setup, but super powerful.
I was very impressed with the IR range when used as a standard learning remote.
It is even better when used with the MQTT bridge, I think it uses Bluetooth in that mode.
I am controlling lights and launching Spotify playlists so far. Buttons can be assigned to trigger any HA script. That means many possibilities!