Beta for Hysen thermostats powered by broadlink

Hi @mairas, I’m looking into the code re the switch back to internal sensor, I’ve removed your hack bit and external sensor flag at present, and think its more likely its not on set temp function that did it I think its getting reset on send_mode_command. Anyway give this a try (rename from .yaml to .py) if it works, let me know and I will commit it. I intend to add a full set of settings parameters to the component to finish it off and remove the need to use the external setup app but that will be next week :slight_smile:

hysen.yaml (17.8 KB)

Hi, I’ll be travelling for most of next week and it’s unlikely that I could test it before next weekend. If you think you’re confident about your changes, I propose you just go ahead and commit them. It’s a git repo, after all, so reverting changes is trivial if need be. :slight_smile:

I went quickly through the changes. At line 349 you should change the reference to poweronmem from poweron.

Also, now that you removed the external sensor flag - are you sure that the driver returns the currently active sensor? For some reason I have the impression that it would always return the internal temperature regardless of the setting.

BTW, may I suggest that you’d create pull requests for any code to be reviewed? It’s quite a bit easier to work with them instead of attached loose files. :slight_smile:

@mairas , done please give it a try :slight_smile:

Thanks, looked good to me - merged!

this is all great work… i am looking at this and its looking a lot like the “broadlink” integration also as a custom component.
do you think this is something we should look at merging… as also the other component caters to chinese broalink powered devices … floureon, decdeal, etc … and this looks quite simliar…

@dom, yep there seems to be a number of broadlink based devices that are being developed for, but this is specifically for thermostats at present. floureon, decdeal, beca, brandnames, and working with Alexa all work on the hysen device type under the covers. are you aware of other like this for a possible merge in the future @clementTal

Well I have a floureon and am using the customcomponent…, I haven’t tried hysen yet but I would expect the functionality to be the same…

Hi, thanks for the great work, it work well with BOT-313.
There is a way to implement an ac_mode as for ?
This would be very great in my opinion.
Thanks again,


Hi Mark, thank for your sharing.
I have a 313wifi beok. I have performed your configuration. No error in the home-assistan server. On reboot, however, I do not see the CLIMATE platform. Any suggestions? Do I have to set something in Beok besides connecting to a router?

Sorry when you say AC mode do you mean “cooling” instead of heating??

@Nicolo_Ayroldi, did you get any errors in the Homeassitant log?

No error in the home-assistan server

@marc.carter yes I mean cooling. In fact in my heating/cooling floor system with the same thermostat I control heating in Winter and cooling in Estate. But the logic in Estate must be inverted, not on the Bekos iteself but in HA I suppose there Is a way to do. Ac_mode???

@Nicolo_Ayroldi, can you connect to your thermostat using the supplied app??

@iosdal, So how does that work for you?, the thermostat aims to hit the target temp with either the relay switched on or off. In a cooling mode would you want the relay on or off?

yes, with the app beok he works

Hi, I can give you updates.
I inserted the hysen file in custom_configuration / climate
while in the home assistant configuration taml I wrote:


  • platform: hysen
    name: Thermostat
    host: 192.168.178.xx
    mac: “xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx”
    target_temp_default: 20
    target_temp_step: 0.5
    scan_interval: 15

the configuration is valid, but when I restart HA I do not see the thermostat icon

Ok the directory for custom components, is config/custom_components/climate
not custom_configuration. put in there

your config looks ok however I would rename the name to say house thermostat, once done in HA check the log and entities tab to see if you have a climate.house_thermostat entry

@marc.carter let me explain better. In estate when the thermostat measure a temperature of 25 and the target temp is 30 it power on the cooling floor. But it keep cooling because the target temp was never reached in this condition and it continue to cool. So I need to revert this logic but in HA not on the thermostat itself because I cannot change it.
When the temperature is 25 I set on HA the target of 20 since I want more cool.
But I set it on HA not on the thermostat iself. HA convert it to a target >26 on thermostat itself so it start cooling. When HA read a temperature of 20 on the thermostat it set a target of 19 on the thermostat itself, powering the cooling system off. Maybe some automation rule con do this dirty job.

Thanks all.