Better indoor camera with HA capabilities similar to Tapo C200

I got a C200 here for testing right now - I am really happy with the onvif based feature set available in HA but quite unhappy with the picture quality. I am looking to use indoor cameras for as sensors via object/face recognition using deepstack.

Ideally the camera would have

  • motion detection
  • IR
  • Wifi and Ethernet (though wifi 2.4GHz would also suffice)
  • 4MP+ resolution
  • good HA integration
  • does not have to be Pan,Tilt or Zoom is the viewing angle is wide enough to see the whole room (the C200 lacks here a little bit)
  • obviously LAN only use
  • Price tag: <$70 (ideally cheaper :slight_smile:)

also I dont really care about recording/NVR etc. as I primarily want to use the cameras for automations.
I havent really been able to find a suitable camera modell that is fits the bill …

I am in the same position as you, Did you ever found something?

Amcrest IP4M-1041

$50 USD at