Better Shopping List

I recently added the shopping list, hoping to make it automated and interactive using other services.

Although the default Shopping List is very simple, it’s also cumbersome in its use (can’t ‘complete’ all at once).
My biggest disapointment was when I tried to integrate it and send me the list when I’m entering the shop. Turns out the Shopping List doesnt expose its state.

I therefore created a command line sensor, parsing the .shopping_list.json file, but its lacks instant updating when the list changes.
Trying to automate things made it even worse as we only have 2 service calls, which need matchin on names. The Shopping List fails to complete items with a duplicate name etc.

My request is to have the Shopping List stored somewhere as an entity, where its state is exposed. Maybe even under its own domain so we can have multiple lists? shopping_list.groceries, shopping_list.home_depot

Would be great to be able to do something like this:

- alias: send_groceries_list:
    platform: zone
    entity_id: person.owner
    zone: zone.grocery_store
    event: enter
    - service: telegram_bot.send_message
        title: '*Groceries list*'
        message: '{{ states.shopping_list.groceries.state }}' # needs to be formatted, up to the user

Or deleting through automations:

service: shopping_list.complete_item
    entity_id: shopping_list.groceries
    item_id: <whatever the id is of an item>
    remove_from_list: true # Optional, but to indicate we don't want to keep it under 'completed'

When the shopping list has an entity attached to it, it can also be exposed to assist. It would be really nice to add an item to the list with a spoken command e.g.
“Add bananas to shopping list”.