Better Smart Switches than TP Link


I have a number of TP Link HS105’s. They are constantly cutting in and out of WiFi. Was toying with the idea of replacing them with something that is a lot more reliable.

Something else to consider, I am open to using a different technology than WiFi, but I must be able to operate it with long range when I am home.

What are your suggestions?

You sure it’s not your WiFi that’s the problem?

My tp-link kasa switches have been rock solid for a couple of years now.


Same here my TP-Links have been excellent for quite some time now


I have over 20 tp-link switches (nearly all of the varieties from in the wall and outlet). I haven’t had issues with them other than some issues within HA. When you say they are cutting in and out of WiFi, are you saying them are becoming unavailable in HA or even in the Kasa app they are showing as offline?

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As above I haven’t had any issues with tp-link sockets, but I do have the occasional annoying issue that they’re not picked up on a homeassistant restart and I have to do a second restart to get them back. Keep meaning to do a bug report for it because my understanding is that the integration should keep trying, but it doesn’t. Anyway, I digress…

Ditto, heaps better than my Wemos, I’ve got a mix of both. I found with my Wemo’s I had to turn off ‘Band Steering’ or they would eventually fall off Wifi and never reconnect. ‘Airtime Fairness’ also seemed to cause dropouts too. You could try that on the TP-Links too.

They also do not work well with multiple AP’s, they seemed to connect to the furthest AP constantly, I think they must connect to the SSID with the lowest mac address or something stupid. I create a ‘Front’ and ‘Rear’ ssid, so that they would only ever connect to the right one.

I have a pending pull request that resolves this issue (at least for me and a few others have verified). There are 3 files to copy and this only works if on the pip install version.


I wonder what the protocol is when the code owner goes awol…

fork and fix. :wink:

Yeah, that’s what he’s done, but they won’t merge his PR until the code owner approves it.

@MontyRisk Do you happen to have Linksys Velop Wifi? There is a known problem with their latest firmware update/s and TP-Link smart home products.

Just to balance things out, I wanted to add my experience with TP-Link HS110’s.

They work great, and the Kasa app detects, connects to, monitors and controls them just fine.

BUT… They regularly go “unavailable” in HA running on on my Raspberry Pi 3B+.

I have read a number of other posts here about similar problems. It’s great that some folks report never seeing this issue. But if you are seeing it, rest assured you’re not the only one.

Thank you!! This is the first I’ve heard of any real attempt to address this issue. If, as I read above, the original author of the integration has gone unresponsive, that explains a lot, too. Not sure what a pip install version is, but I suspect I don’t have it. Still, this represents a big step in the right direction.

I had the same issue with my TP-Link’s disconnecting and re-connecting… was my WiFi not the TP-Link. Once I fixed my WiFi everything has been rock solid.

Go check your router logs and see what else on WiFi is connecting and disconnecting then google for a solution.

I’d recommend WiFi Smart Plug Mini Outlet, Aoycocr Smart Socket Energy Monitoring
They do flash sales and they also available on AliExpress.

I flased them with Tasmota via Tuya-Convert.

So far - very stable (running them for about a month)

Thank you for all of your replies. I will look into moving my WiFi around a little since I have 2 hotspots (Unifi) and perhaps will have a separate SSID for upstairs and downstairs.

Thank you

If you think that you may have wifi troubles - I’d also recommend to consider buying a mesh wifi, like Google Wifi or similar.
It would create a reliable mesh topology with one sid across you house.

I personally have Google wifi with 3 access points. Could be 2, but have the 3rd one for the garden.

In my case - I have around 60 to 80 devices on wifi and they all running perfectly fine.

Saying that - I tried to manage it with 2-3 wifi routers before, but it never worked so well, as it is on mesh.

Keep in mind it may not be your WiFi but interference with it. Not sure how close your neigbors are but a simple app on your phone can help. I have an Android phone and use an app simply called “WiFi Analyzer” which works great to tell you what is near and what channels are best choices. It helped me a lot. Also if you are using Zigbee you can have issues with WiFi because of it. I did a write up on it, it fixed a lot of issues for me on several fronts and my system is pretty much rock solid now. I know I reference Conbee in the write up but any Zigbee radio has the same issues. Try reading this it may help a lot. Zigbee (ConBee) and WiFi Interference

I have no suggestion other than to clear the cache (the new “reboot”) and restart. Sometimes it takes 2-3 restarts for them to reappear. For now, this will have to suffice until a better integration comes along. They disappear on me from time to time as well. My wifi has good days and bad.

By the way, a word to the respondents: I hardly consider it being “helpful “ when you reply you “never had a problem” with these smart plugs (or any component) especially without providing any hints of troubleshooting. People come here, especially beginners, to seek troubleshooting advice. Responses that claim you’ve “never had a problem “ doesn’t help these folks in the slightest, and also totally irrelevant to the initial inquiry. It makes it seem there’s a superiority complex at play.

Hi I have tp link smart plugs and I found that giving them a static ip might solve your issue if you have not already done so. When I first set them up I had random drop outs in HA but the kasa app would always see them. It was my fault for setting them up at 2am that I forgot to give them static ip’s

I disagree. It doesn’t show any superiority, at all, it just lets the OP know that it is likely to be something different than what they think that is causing the issue. The more people that comment ‘me too’ for either having the issue, or not having it allows us to start finding similarities in the setups of the people who have it working, and the people who do not so we can establish if there are certain configurations that are incompatible.