Better Thermostat and the window sensor

Hey community,

I’m using the Better Thermostat custom integration to wrap my Aqara E1 radiator Thermostat. Additionally I’ve added a window sensor to stop heating of the thermostat automatically.

What I don’t understand: When the temperature in the room is already higher than the target value of the thermostat, I would expect that the Thermostat is completely closed. The entity is showing idle. But when I then open the window I hear the Thermostat working a lot and closing the valve for seconds. Why is this happening? The valve should already been closed, isn’t it?
That’s not a big issue, since the heater is cold, it’s not heating before. But I don’t understand it and also, I expect a much higher battery consumption from that behavior. Do you know that issue and maybe can explain it?

Thanks a lot!

If you are having a problem with a specific Custom Integration, the first point of contact is in the Github post that you found it in originally.

Most if not all the people there that know the product and use the software that will be able to give you more accurate information regarding your problem.

Here you might find someone.