Better Thermostat not responding


I have already asked this question elsewhere in this forum, but unfortunately received no responses. I hope at this point I am right with my question!

I have 3 Eve Thermo integrated via Better Thermostat. The Better Thermostat integration often loses the connection to the thermostat and/or also to the sensors assigned to it, so that the controlling does not work. For example, if I set the heating to 19 degrees Celsius with Better Thermostat integration, it does not turn off after reaching that temperature. Also manual changes of the temperature or the on-off switch from Better Thermostat do not reach the hardware.

If, on the other hand, I adjust the temperature in the standard integration of the thermostat, the hardware reacts immediately. However, this has the disadvantage that the temperature set here refers to the thermometer integrated in the thermostat and not to the external room thermometer. However, the internal one deviates too much from the real room temperature, so that control is hardly possible.

This basically means that the physical connection between HomeAssistant and thermostat works, but the logical connection via the Better Thermostat does not.

Most of the time it helps to reload the Better Thermostat integration. From time to time, however, I have to restart HomeAssistant completely.

Only the Better Thermostat integrations are affected. Everything else works fine.

Does anyone have similar problems and have an idea how to solve them? Is there an alternative to Better Thermostat?

Thank you and best regards