Better thermostat swap mode auto and heat

While setting up Better Thermostat it asked me to swap the modes heat and auto.
Docs say:

If auto means heat for your TRV and you want to swap it Some climates in HA used the mode auto for default heating, and a boost when mode is heat. This isn’t what we want, so if this is the case for you, check this option.

Im using several hmip (different models) here. How to find out if I have to ckeck this option or not?

Same goes for set device to 5°C instead of using the “off” function.
How to find out if my thermostat got an off option?

Try it, maybe.
If it isn’t doing what you want, try flipping the switch.

In my eyes every combination works.
If i swap modes it looks like accuracy is better, but need to long term test it.

Basically I have no idea what those settings do, so im asking.

I just found out, if i tick the swap auto/heat box the ccu (raspberrymatic) shows the TRV in auto mode. If i dont tick it the shown mode is manual.
But i dont know which mode i want.