Better Tuya Lights - Custom Component

There’s no denying that Tuya lights aren’t the greatest, at least not through Home Assistant. The integration is cloud based (despite the devices accepting local control) and very, very slow. However, the hardware is dirt cheap, and sometimes that takes precedence.

If you have Tuya RGB Bulbs, you may have noticed that, if you set them to, say, Blue, then turn them off, then set them to Red, they come on blue, and then a few moments later change to Red. That’s annoying.

I’ve edited the Home Assistant Tuya Light Component to fix this. Just place this file at custom_components/light/ and restart Home Assistant.

This small change to the existing component allows the “on” command, the “color” setting, and the “brightness” setting to be sent to Tuya all at once, causing the light to come on with your intended color and brightness the first time.


Do you see a solution to making them work locally ?


Any chance to add the SUPPORT_TRANSITION?


Does the file path have to chnage since the breaking changes in the 0.89 release.