Better way of handling TTR and Entity States

I have been using Mi Home and Tuya for years now but have just recently transitioned to HA running on a docker on my unraid.

I have several of the Tuya Smart IR devices controlling devices from AC to TVs.

The Smart IR will not see the controlled devices but I can workaround this by using TTR. Now im trying to learn how to create dashboards and have come across something i’m struggling with and hoping someone would be able to point me to a direction I can further explore.

See below…

The first and third columns are nothing but buttons that calls the TTR scene, either to turn on or off the AC in that area. This works fine but I want to further clean it up but indicating the state of the entity.

Considering that SmartIR does not show the entity of the child devices (only the TTR actions), is there a way I can visually see if the AC on that device is turned on or not? Either that can I make this into a toggle switch that runs TTR depending on whether it’s on or off? Only problem i see with this is if the AC was turned on by the physical remote then it wont be synced anymore.

If i enable “show state” this will only show the date/time when the button was activated.

If there’s an advanced HA feature that can help do this, please let me know. As mentioned I’m quite new to this thing so I’m not yet fully familiar with all the bells and whistles.

Thank you