Better way to integrate a CMV

Hi everyone,
I have some CMV (controlled mechanical ventilation) machines. I have already managed to communicate with them, for example read the sensors and trigger some command. They have a non standard API (it’s a pure TCP, and need reverse engeneering).
My question is: since there is no “CMV” type in home assistant, what is the better and more convenient way to integrate them? Till now I’ve made some tests with separate sensors and switched but it’s a big pain in this way.

A CMV is a machine that changes the air, with filters, and with heat exchange. It’s similar to an air conditioner but has some big differences: it has 2 temperature sensors (indoor and outdoor), a humidity sensors, some of them also have CO2 and VOC sensors. It has NO temperature setpoint ans NO humidity setpoit. They also have fan levels (0 to 5 + special modes like night mode and free-cooling) and more options depending on the model.

Do you think the only way is to set-up a custom integrations? Or maybe there is some way in which I can treat them as separates sensors and then group them into “an entity” in the way I can control 1 machine with only 1 card in lovelace (like for a climate) ?

Thanks a lot,