Better Z-wave option than the GE 12729 3-Way Dimmer Switch?

It seems people have had (still do?) have issues with this type of switch not updating for several minutes. I didn’t seem any workarounds other than changing polling, which you shouldn’t have to do. Are there better switch options for instant updates?

Lutron Caseta with Pro Bridge. All such issues are GONE.

I’ll second that. the Casetas are consistently quick, easier to pair and modify, and have a nice app to boot. Used with the “pro” hub, the Lutron Caseta Pro Component for Home Assistant lets you customize the buttons on the pico remotes to do anything.

The flexible wiring options of the dimmer (no neutral required) and all the things you can do with the pico remotes like add 3-way, 4-way, etc. anywhere without wiring are icing on the cake.

Is the bridge necessary?

Yes, the pro hub with a 50 device limit.

Fwiw, there’s a built-in Lutron Caseta component that also works with the non-Pro hub, but I wanted the control of the pico buttons so I went with the Pro and the custom component.

Why would zwave devices require a hub?

The built in component uses the Lutron cloud, where the add on one uses the pro hubs local telnet access to get the fast response.

Because they are not zwave but a Lutron proprietary radio link.

Nice… Keepin’ it local.

I don’t recall who I got this from, but it was someone here. It was in response to a problem with the status from an Aeotec Nano switch.

Parameter 80 defaults to “Hail CC when using the external switch to switch the loads” which according to the definition in the open-zwave logfile seems to be equal to “3”.
Setting parameter 80 to basic reports is probably best. Hail CC floods the z-wave network with reports on every little change and can cause communication issues. Also the state of the switch may not update properly if the gateway is not a direct neighbor of the device. Repeaters don’t repeat broadcast messages from devices other than the gateway. But broadcast messaging is how some devices get around the licensing issue of instant status updates.

Hope this helps.

I added a Aeotec G2 switch that at first never reported it’s state back to the controller. then I realized it was set to basic report and had to set it to hail to get it to report it’s state correctly.

I have 3 of them on my network and don’t seem to experience any issues.

Ok, I updated the title accordingly. I’ll never go with a proprietary system again.

But zwave is proprietary as well, and licensed to the device manufactures…