BHT-1000 series thermostat issues

I have installed a BHT-1000 series thermostat to my underfloor heating mats supplied by Nassboards. Actually, I have the same underfloor heating systems in my bathroom upstairs and the hallway and living room downstairs. All installed, tested and worked.
I used the bathroom one upstairs today, turned up the temperature on my mobile app, I heard the thermostat click, and the floor started heating up no problem.
When I tried the downstairs one, turned up the temperature on my mobile app, I heard NO click from the other thermostat and the floor is not heating up.
Also I noticed on the upstairs thermostat, the heat symbol, after the click stays on constantly. Downstairs the thermostat heat symbol flashes constantly.
It was working fine the last time I used it a few weeks ago.
I have deleted the thermostat from the app, and set it up again, but the same problem exists.
I got a new thermostat and swapped them over, but still the problem remains.
Can anyone help? Thanks

Hi, i have the exact same issue, tried a replacement thermostat from the same supplier nassboards BHT-1000 but still have the flashing heat symbol, did you have any luck in finding what was causing the issue?