BHT-1000 thermostat integration

Local integration for BHT-1000 thermostat.

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I there

I have 3 new BHT-1000 thermostats for my Under floot heating

I have installed the custom component and in integrations have the BHT-1000 Wifi thermostat

I cannot get the past the adding screen, I put in the IP (Check my router and given a static IP) but wont accept

Do i need to just add the IP or also the port?



Only IP required, the port is 8899 and it is hardcoded to the integration the moment. I have two types of BHT-1000 thermostat, one works with Beca Energy app and the other one works with Tuya app. This integration won’t work with Tuya version. Is your thermostat working with Beca Energy app?



Yep, Mine is working with the Beca EnergyApp. The integration just says Unknown error occurred

I get the following in the homeassistant.log

  File "/config/custom_components/bht1000/", line 19, in async_step_user
    return await self._show_form(
AttributeError: 'BHT1000ConfigFlow' object has no attribute '_show_form'

Just test and not only does it add to the Beca app, it also adds to the Smart-Life app so I assume this is a tuya device